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Oltre le Parole is a non-profit cultural association, operating since 2003.

It deals mainly with Art in the Social field through artistic productions and vocational training in the field of non-formal learning.

The members of the working group come from various fields: theatre and performance, education, pedagogy, psychology, cinema and the arts in general.

The theatre productions focus on historical themes (The Women of Rome, Christina of Sweden, etc.) or on social and civil issues (eating disorders, drug addiction, precarious work, etc.).

Among other productions, “Oltre le Parole” has produced shows co-produced with the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and made short films for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The non-profit organisation carries out artistic-educational activities in schools, therapeutic communities, centres for the elderly or psycho-physically disabled citizens all over Italy, with a specific methodology created thanks to the experience and contribution of the teachers, who come from different fields and sectors, reconciling non-formal and informal learning.

In 2007, E.T.I. (the Italian Theatre Board) granted the association the patronage to set up the first national school for Social Theatre Operators (the only one in Italy).

Restore Portogallo 2021

The innovative courses for “Operatori di Teatro nel Sociale” (“Social Theatre Operators“) using the “O.T.S. methodology” were activated in 7 Italian regions, with full autonomy and financial support. Over the years, more than 500 “O.T.S.” have been trained, operating throughout Italy and abroad.

In 2018 “O.T.S.- Operatori di Teatro nel Sociale®” is a brand recognised by the Ministry of Economic Development.

In 2019, the introductory course of “relationship theatre” was included in the training programmes offered to teachers by the Ministry of University and Research on the Sophia platform.

Since 2019, the association has been the leader of a three-year European Erasmus Plus project with 6 nations (www.restore-project.com) on the recognition of Teatto as a tool to combat social exclusion. The activities within the European projects continue with other projects and international partnerships.

The association is registered in the national register of UNAR (National Antidiscrimination Office).

In September 2020, the association was awarded the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic.

In 2020, the association established the “Premio Giulietta Masina” for art and social work, which is awarded each year to artists who also have a commitment to social work.

In 2021, the OTS® (Operatori di Teatro nel Sociale) methodology was included in the catalogue of Good Practices of the Lazio Region.

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